Saturday, January 7, 2012

Goodbye PGP Global Directory Key - Hello Mountain View

After discovering that the PGP Global Directory has been spamming my public key biweekly w/ 2-week signatures (see here for a snapshot of keys), I trashed my account there to put an end to that.
At first I thought the email threads about keyserver spam not being a big problem, I'm seeing how it could easily be a problem without it technically being spam. Hopefully a good solution comes about so that owners of keys could sign requests to remove keys from the signature list. I'd guess such a solution would restrict what sort of signatures be removed (ex: signature revocations couldn't be removed, etc).

Putting out my key-signing policy appears to have worked pretty good for getting keys signed, so far have 3 cross-signatures out of it. Hopefully I can get some more signatures this year.
If anyone in the Mountain View, CA area wants to work out a key-signing arrangement, I'm out there on business ~January 23-27. Could possibly work out my first signatures of the "Level 3 - 0x13 - Careful Check" type mentioned in my Key Signing Policy :) It is pretty trivial to get a Level 3 key signed, basically just need keys pre-exchanged and ID (driver's license, passport, other government ID).

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